The Daily Perspective Podcast: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Looking for a replacement for Drudge? Try Gab Trends

GOP Lawmakers Storm Closed-Door Impeachment Session As Schiff Walks Out

Republicans Say ‘Smoking Gun’ Impeachment Testimony Is Actually ‘Fourth-Hand’ Hearsay
*Greta Van Susteren tweeted: “I just re read (carefully) Bill Taylor’s statement to the committees that was published in WAPO…and this is just a GUESS but he could be the whistleblower..I am just GUESSING …”

NYT’s Krugman Wrong. Again.

GOP lawmakers slam House bill aimed at protecting US elections: ‘Pile of hot garbage’

Murky Methodology: CNN Polls Adults Not Voters on Trump Impeachment
* Remember: Polls aren’t for reflecting popular opinion, they’re for shaping it.

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