SHOW NOTES: Thursday, December 10, 2020

No podcast today because sometimes life gets in the way, but you still get the show notes I was going to use!

Dan Crenshaw Rips Nancy Pelosi In SAVAGE Speech

New Los Angeles DA Snubs Staff, Meets With BLM, Will Implement Radical Progressive Agenda

17 States Urge Supreme Court to Review Texas Bid to Challenge Election in Battleground States

48 states and the federal government sue Facebook in massive antitrust suits seeking breakup of the company

YouTube Says It Will Start Deleting Content Alleging 2020 Election Voter Fraud
YouTube is prepared to alienate 70 million Americans who believe the election was rigged
BUT – YouTube still allows flat-earth and “aliens built the pyramids” videos.

Newsmax TV Gives Fox News a Scare, Beats Network In Key Demo For The First Time

Trump’s Case To Change the Electoral College Vote Is Much Stronger Than Dems’ Was in ’16