SHOW NOTES: Tuesday, November 3, 2020


VOTE!!! – If you’re convinced your candidate is going to win this election, DON’T BE! There’s a LOT of underhanded, illegal activity going on to steal this election. There will be a massive legal effort to change the outcome of this election. There is nothing guaranteed about the outcome – UNLESS CONSERVATIVES VOTE TODAY IN MASSIVE NUMBERS!!! Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the leftist news media have frightened Democrat voters with COVID doomsday messages for months now, so many of them will be afraid to vote in person and many have voted early. Your in-person vote today will determine the outcome of this election!!!

Do NOT wear your MAGA gear to the polling place #1:
Even though you don’t intend it as electioneering, but just as a simple show of your support, there are those who will single you out and report you for breaking campaigning laws just for showing support for your chosen candidate. It may seem ridiculous, but if they can pull voters out of line for electioneering it will give them more ammunition in their post-election lawsuits. DON’T HELP THEM!!

Do NOT wear your MAGA gear to the polling place #2:
There will be activists at many polling places who will harass you for your support of Donald Trump. Some of these people are deranged and may follow you after you vote and harass you, possibly attack you, and possibly do harm to you, your vehicle, or your home.

Do not be afraid to go vote!
Part of this harassment is intended to scare you away from the polls. DON’T LET THEM SCARE YOU!! Be smart, don’t give them clues about your allegiance, and don’t respond to them if you are approached – just report them to poll workers once you’re inside the polling place.

Don’t trust the news media to tell you the truth about the vote.
We know the leftist press is working with the Democrat party to influence the outcome of this election, and there will be a post-vote smokescreen to convince people Trump hasn’t won.

Trump Campaign Claims Democrats Plan To Delegitimize Election Day Results

Do your patriotic duty for your country today and VOTE!!