SHOW NOTES: Monday, September 28, 2020

Trump Taxes: The Left is demonstrating their gross ignorance of tax law and blatant hypocrisy – as if they don’t find every possible deduction to lower their tax bill every year.
These people all fall into one of three categories:
A: Simple Form Self Preparer – They do their own taxes by using the short form. No further deductions.
B: Meticulous Self Preparer – They do their own taxes and take every possible deduction (sometimes very creatively) to reduce their tax payment as much as possible.
C: Tax Preparer Customer – They pay someone else, such as H&R Block, to prepare their taxes because they believe a “professional” can find more deductions and they’ll recoup more than the cost of paying the preparer.
D: Accountant/Tax Attorney Client – They make enough to hire a tax attorney to handle their quarterly returns because they are n a tax bracket high enough that the cost of an attorney is lower than the tax bill they would pay otherwise.
People in categories B through D all know better than to point fingers at Trump, but they’re doing it anyway for political purposes.

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