SHOW NOTES: Friday, September 18, 2020

Today’s show notes also include the stories that didn’t make the podcast due to time.

Support for Black Lives Matter Declines, Fueled by Hispanics and Whites, Pew Survey Finds

O’Reilly: Fox News Covered Up ‘Factual Story’ on Soros Funding Dems

Nancy Pelosi Says Looters and Rioters Should Be Prosecuted

  • Apparently the focus group results are in…

CNN Hit with Giant $300 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Joe Biden Openly Scoffs at Your Constitutional Rights, Repeats Threat That No Amendment Is ‘Absolute’

Trump reveals 1776 Commission, aimed at promoting ‘patriotic education’

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Appealing Federal Judge Ruling That Called Pandemic Shutdown Order Unconstitutional

Illinois Democratic governor says if the federal government does not bail out his state, it will face ‘nightmare scenario’ of a 5% budget cut

ActBlue Raises Millions in Suspicious Gift Card Donations

Twitter’s public policy chief departs for Biden’s transition team