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SHOW NOTES: Thursday, September 10, 2020

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We are now getting “Be prepared for weeks of vote counting after election day….” messages from Democrats everywhere you turn.Bernie Sanders has even said to be prepared for violence, as have others.

Some on social Media are telling their followers to prepare for a violent uprising by Trump supporters if he doesn’t win.

Given the lackluster support of Joe Biden among regular people (as opposed to politicians, news media, and the usual celebrities), and the strong recovery of the job market and economy even before there’s a COVID vaccine, and Trump’s popularity on the rise with black voters, a Biden win would be a big surprise.

The Democrats are setting the stage for chaos.

  • Biden’s campaign has hired 600 lawyers.
  • The Biden support cabal is spreading doubt and fear.
  • The progressive press is lying about Trump in any way possible to sow seeds of doubt.
  • “RUSSIA!!”

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