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SHOW NOTES: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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The new case and death numbers for coronavirus are falling. Projections of case increases after large gathering events aren’t panning out. Recent revelations show us that 90% of those infected may not have been spreading the virus. As time passes it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are definitely on the downhill side of this pandemic.


Joe Biden has said he would shut the country down in the event of a 2nd wave of the virus.
The news media is still breathlessly reporting new case numbers and downplaying positive developments.
The Democrats have issued talking points blaming President Trump for 180,000 deaths, you see them all using the same phrasing on the news programs, so they obviously intend to blame him for every COVID related problem – regardless of the fact that every one of those problems has happened in Democrat run states.

It is obvious that the Democrats plan to use their failed coronavirus response against Trump to damage his re-election chances.


Don’t be surprised when the Democrats stage an “October Surprise” featuring COVID-19.

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