SHOW NOTES: Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Keith Ellison will be handling the prosecution in the killing of George Floyd

BET founder Bob Johnson calls for slavery reparations, says US will remain ‘separate and unequal’ without them
* Mr. Johnson did really well for himself under exactly the same circumstances as everyone he wants reparations for – he’s a BILLIONAIRE.
* “…separate and unequal”? Why did this happen, Mr. Johnson? Who pulled away from who? Who decided to embrace a separate identity and isolate themselves from everyone else, and point fingers of blame at everyone but those who led them there?
* $14.7 TRILLION? Oh sure, we’ve got that in our pants pocket….
* You want reparations? OK… Your reparations checks will be taxed at the same rate as bonuses – 40-50%, and we will be deducting the cost of all the property damages done by those for whom you are seeking reparations – since the beginning of riots in American history.
* If you want reparations, try getting them from the politicians who lied to you, promising that they would change the world for you if you elected them, then did NOTHING they promised to do – and knew they couldn’t deliver on their promises because most of them were unconstitutional.
* We have a long history of pacifying people. It NEVER works.

President Trump has tough words in call with governors over riots – “Most of you are weak!”

Biden’s Advice To Curb Police Killings: ‘Shoot ’Em In The Leg Instead Of The Heart’

The facts about presidential activation of the National Guard
* Trump has surrounded himself with actual constitutional experts, not progressive idiots.

Eyewitness account of Raleigh riots