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S03E65 – Friday, May 14, 2021

On today’s podcast: FCC Commissioner blasts Democrat Complaint against Fox affiliate… The Million Dollar Vaccination scheme… And – a special announcement… — Support this podcast:

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The Daily Perspective
The Daily Perspective
S03E65 - Friday, May 14, 2021

SHOW NOTES: Monday, June 1, 2020

The Daily Perspective
The Daily Perspective
SHOW NOTES: Monday, June 1, 2020

As a “space age” kid, I was thrilled to see the successful launch of the Demo 2 space flight Saturday morning. It was an amazing achievement! Kudos and congratulations to all involved in this monumental success story!!


I would rather be anywhere else, including the finest hospital in America, than here today.
My country is under siege by radical leftists intent on overthrowing our government, and I’m watching people sympathize with the “useful idiots” being used by ANTIFA and the radical left.Do NOT be deceived!! What is being presented as people “acting out” because of “racial injustice” is nothing of the sort. Yes, some are truly aggrieved by what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis, but those driving and organizing the riots (no, they aren’t protests, don’t allow the progressives to redefine what is really happening) don’t care in the least about George Floyd. They care about what they promised when Trump was elected: to make America ungovernable. THIS IS THEIR GOAL.

It is oddly convenient that racial tensions have been spun up when:

  • Russian collusion failed
  • Impeachment failed
  • COVID-19 is on the decline
  • The economy was beginning to turn around
  • Trump’s approval numbers were again on the rise
  • Key House Democrats are refusing to show up for work in DC – which was struck last night

Conspiracy theory? No. Facts.

Media gaslighting, attempting to place the blame for violence on far-right “white supremacy” groups, is one more example of blatant leftist manipulation of the facts to sway the uninformed and ignorant. The instigators may well be white people, but they aren’t right-wingers, they’re radical leftists – ANTIFA. There is video circulating online – NOT IN THE NEWS MEDIA – of people paying rioters and directing their moves.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, arrested at Manhattan protest
* If de Blasio weren’t the mayor he would have been in the streets with the protesters. Examine his political history and you’ll learn that he’s a hardcore leftist. His delusional and incompetent leftist (sorry for repeating myself) governance philosophy is why his city was the hardest hit by COVID-19.

My Facebook post about Dr. King’s quote

Secret Service agents wounded outside White House, car bombs feared; official says Trump was taken to bunker

U.S. Attorney General: ‘It Appears’ Some Violent Riots ‘Driven’ By ‘Far Left Extremists’, Using ‘Antifa-Like Tactics’

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