Can We Trust China?

Yes, I know. You read the title and either said out loud or silently to yourself, “NO!!” – or some less family-friendly variant of the same answer.

There is ample reason not to trust the communist government of China. I could list the many reasons here, but let it suffice to say they have a track record of being less than forthcoming with the truth about, well, practically anything which would reveal any shortcomings.

Most recently the communist Chinese government has lied to the world about COVID-19, AKA the novel coronavirus. Had they immediately released information we now know to be true most of those who have been infected and those who have been killed by the virus could have been saved.

I encourage you to read these linked articles and follow the timelines provided to better understand the severity of this breach of international trust, and the American response to the threat of COVID-19.

The Timeline of China’s COVID-19 Coverup

The Trump Administration’s Decisive Actions to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic