SHOW NOTES: Friday, March 6, 2020

Elizabeth Warren — who lost the female vote in her own state — blames failed campaign on sexism–who-lost-the-female-vote-in-her-own-state–blames-failed-campaign-on-sexism

  • So the feminists will now throw their support behind Tulsi Gabbard now, right?

Poll: Joe Biden has massive lead over Bernie Sanders in Florida as Castro and Maduro endorsements resurface

After Defending Supreme Court Threats, Schumer Now He Says He Misspoke

Romney Sounds Off Against Senate’s Burisma Probe As Subpoena Vote Looms

  • Wait – wasn’t Romney’s name linked to Ukraine and Burmisa?
  • YEP – Romney’s top aide in the 2012 presidential campaign, J. Cofer Black, has served on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings since 2017. Gee, I wonder why he got that position….Hmmm?……

Trump moves forward with cutting off funds to sanctuary cities: ‘Do not protect criminals!’

Sorry, Barack Obama, Democrats Just Aren’t That Into You Anymore, According to Exit Polls

REMINDER: Biden has ALWAYS been a liar