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SHOW NOTES: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Zoo will name a rat after your ex, feed it to a snake on Valentine’s Day

Colin Kaepernick allegedly wanted $20 million to play in the XFL. Most players make under $500K.

Barr Announces New Lawsuits Against ‘Sanctuary’ Cities That Harbor Illegal Immigrants

Report: ‘Never-Trump’ Republicans Are Trying To Tank Bernie Sanders In New Hampshire

What Would Explain Mayor Pete’s Appeal to Voters? Dan Bongino Nails it
*Buttigieg is like a consultant. He blows a lot of smoke and refuses to be nailed down on anything.
*He also has a “barely there” military record. He pulled some strings and got in with no training, no bootcamp, and very briefly did office work in a cubicle on a base in Afghanistan for a few weeks and quickly left.
*ALSO – Tulsi Gabbard has a similar military record, except that she served in a medical facility.

Father Of “Moderate” Pete Buttigieg Was Marxist Professor At Notre Dame University

Trump is right and the media are wrong; Bernie Sanders is a communist

Bernie Sanders in 1972: ‘I don’t mind people calling me a communist’

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