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SHOW NOTES: Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Chiefs Stars Speak Out on Potential White House Visit

Nancy Pelosi throws a public temper tantrum and other Democrat misbehavior
* Those speech notes were an official document signed by the president. Was that little temper tantrum legal?
*”You can tear up the speech but you can’t tear up the accomplishments ” Lindsey Graham

Trump invited Rush Limbaugh to the State of the Union after his cancer diagnosis — and presented him with the Medal of Freedom

Associated Press Twists the Facts About Democrat’s Impeachment of Trump
*Politico fact-checked the speech and basically said it was all correct – but they hate him anyway.

IOWA RESULTS: Buttigieg (Kind of) Won. So Did Bernie. Warren Persisted. Biden Definitely Lost.
*Even almost having the state of Iowa to himself to campain in, he still came in #4.

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