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SHOW NOTES: Friday, January 10, 2020

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NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman Says Hacker Used His IP Address to Download Child Porn

CNN Says National Park Signs Warning Glaciers Gone by 2020 to Be Removed, Still Touts Man-Made Warming

San Franciscans, Inundated By Feces, Now Want To Ban Paper Cups

California’s “Pro-Worker” Law Is Killing Jobs Left and Right
* New York is considering the same legislation.

Iran reportedly invites Boeing to help investigate crash, blames US for ‘psychological operation’
* Mayor Pete and other Democrats are now blaming Trump for the Iranian missile strike on a Ukraine airliner. If you’re a parent and punish a rebellious child, and that child acts out in response and breaks things, are you responsible for the damage done by the rebellious child?

Ilhan Omar Laughs & Jokes Around During Presser On American Deaths In Iraq
* She then claimed Trump has given her PTSD.

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