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In a society lacking honesty we deceive ourselves. This podcast is one person’s honest perspective on the news and attitudes of the day.

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S03E60 – Wednesday, May 5, 2021

On today’s podcast: Trump launches new platform… Chauvin files for new trial… Restaurants are ready to hire, but… Is Communism Moral?… And more! — Support this podcast:

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The Daily Perspective
S03E60 - Wednesday, May 5, 2021

SHOW NOTES: Wednesday, September 8, 2020

A North Carolina Man And His 16 House Cats Are Suing Their County Over Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Boeing Passenger Plane Crashes in Iran, Killing 176 on Board — Ukraine Can’t Rule Out ‘Attack’

Iran refuses to hand over airliner’s black box: report

An Iranian born refugee’s take on what’s happening in Iran and Iraq

Iranian Journalist Begs U.S. Media: Don’t Fall for Iranian Propaganda