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SHOW NOTES: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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Shooting in NOLA over the weekend
* Have you noticed almost a complete shutout by the progressive press? It doesn’t fit their narrative. The shooter wasn’t a white guy. The shooter was a black guy – authorities say vaguely that it was the result of “an ongoing feud”. Coincidentally – the “Bayou Classic” football rivalry between Grambling and Southern University each year brings violence with it to NOLA.

Democrats FLEW to a climate conference to discuss penalizing people who use air travel. No, really.
* Remember when teenager Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic to lecture America about Climate Change? Her catamaran was built using polluting technology, and her ship’s pilot flew to New York to sail the catamaran back to Europe.
* Yeah. They ARE hypocrites. SURPRISE!

French Fry Shortage!?!?
*Brace yourself – Potato crop failures in the US and Canada, due to freezing temps, may produce a French fry shortage.

Joe Biden’s campaign bus: “No Malarkey”??
* Who came up with this? Spanky, Stymie, Buckwheat and Alfalfa??


Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News From Events

FASCIST: 300+ Trump Ads Taken Down By Google, YouTube

Conway: No ‘brighter contrast’ than Dems holding impeachment hearing with Trump at NATO summit
* All of this is happening because The Democrats lost in 2016 and are desperate for power and control.
* These hearings are a prime example of the Left’s abuse of power when they have it.

ANOTHER Poll Shows Strong Non-White Support For Trump
* Watch this election carefully and get your information from reliable – not progressive – sources. There WILL be a LOT of Democrat Party interference with this election. Democrats can’t win on their message, and their candidates are unelectable, but still the vote will be close even with Trump’s increasing popularity among minorities.

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