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SHOW NOTES: Monday, December 2, 2019

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OPENING AUDIO: Joe Biden speaks….

Thanksgiving weekend recap:

  • Wonderful meal with family
  • BUT – Thanksgiving T-shirts were LATE!
  • The Crio Bru roasted Cacau is AMAZING! criobru.com


‘Unprecedented’: Iran Kills Hundreds Of Unarmed Protesters, Quran Expert Warns It May Kill Thousands In Crackdown
*Still wondering why Trump backed out of Obama’s fraudulent Iran deal?

Hero Uses Narwhal Tusk To Defend Against London Terrorist Attack
* This is what happens when you open your borders and ban guns.

Obama: ‘I Don’t Care’ Whether You’ll Like the Nominee. Just Vote Democrat
* “We are five days away from….”
* Of course the candidate is a secondary concern – the candidate answers to the party and obeys the party’s commands. This is why the progressives hate Trump; he’s not a puppet for the political party and is exposing their corruption.

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