The War on History

“To modern progressives, no narrative can exist other than the claim that powerful groups oppress less powerful groups, which supports the moral, legal, and political implications that history’s victims deserve restitution. Progressive history strikes at the very root of the early American republican historical narrative by rejecting the notion of American exceptionalism. Rather than acknowledge and celebrate the Founding Fathers and other early heroes, progressive historians denigrate them and work to remove them from the public discourse. Look no further for an explanation of what is happening to statues deemed offensive and guilty of some past injustice.”

Richard Winders delivers an insightful article on the impact of the progressive reinterpretation of history on our society. Understanding how progressives have changed how history is taught is important in order to understanding why so many today see America as a negative presence in the world. Progressive historians have twisted and reinterpreted our history to fit their worldview of victimization.

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