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SHOW NOTES: Monday, November 25, 2019

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ESPN reveals: Zero NFL teams want to sign Colin Kaepernick after controversial workout

Adam Schiff just gave a very misleading answer on ‘public support’ for impeachment

Will She Do It? Insiders Predict Pelosi May Not Go Through With Impeachment After Hearings

Devin Nunes To Take Swift Legal Action Against CNN For ‘Demonstrably False’ Story
*CNN = FNN: The Fake News Network.
*They’re so desperate for any negative info about Republicans they have abandoned *all journalistic integrity.

Leading House Democrat reveals their next GOP target, cite info that will be challenged by lawsuit

Wait, What? Schumer May Have Shared Identity Of Whistleblower In Tweet

Media Wrongly Claim Trump Reversing ‘Decades’ of Policy on Israel

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