SHOW NOTES: Thursday, November 14, 2019

Question of the Day

Deval Patrick jumps into Democratic presidential nomination race

Devin Nunes Condemns ‘Impeachment Sham Drama’ in ‘Search of a Crime’

Republicans Stunned After Adam Schiff Interrupts Impeachment Hearing
*He actually directed the witness how to answer the question. He kept the witness from answering candidly and truthfully.
*Is he using Calvinball rules?

Adam Schiff to Jim Jordan: ‘I don’t know the identity of the whistleblower’

Jim Jordan Explains Why Trump Held Up the Money to Ukraine Without a Quid Pro Quo


Amb. Taylor’s Awkward Silence in Response to a Question About Hunter Biden Was Very Telling
*Yes, Margaret, the Democrat “witnesses” HAVE been coached.

Ambassador Taylor Admits: No Quid Pro Quo in Three Meetings With Zelensky After Trump Call

Rep. Jim Jordan shreds star witness

Mark Levin blasts Adam Schiff, Dems’ ‘sham’ impeachment hearing in live tweet-storm

The Real Mystery about C*aramella and Vindman

A DACA deal? Trump knows what he’s doing.