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SHOW NOTES: Monday, October 28, 2019

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AUDIO: Kanye on abortion

Kanye making big waves
D Rep. Katie HillScandal! Defended by Matt Gaetz. Wouldn’t be any “revenge porn” photos if there had been no misbehavior. Justsayin’….

ISIS Leader Killed In Trump-Authorized Military Raid

Schiff Whines, Trump Did Not Tell Me About Al Baghdadi Raid
*When you realize:
– Pelosi and Schiff were just in Jordan trying to undermine Trump’s Syria cease-fire
– Dianne Feinstein repeatedly met with Iranian officials
– John Kerry has tried to undermine Trump’s Iran policy for 3 years
…It makes sense why Trump kept Democrats in the dark
– Charlie Kirk

Twitter Users Hilariously Savage The Washington Post With ‘WaPoDeathNotices’ Hashtag After Al-Baghdadi Bungle

OOPS: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skit Has Terrorist Thanking Trump for ‘Bringing Jobs Back to ISIS’ — Just After U.S. Forces Had Killed ISIS Leader

This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!” : College President Writes Scathing Letter About Students Wanting To Play The Victim And Blame Others

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