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Twitter: Inconvenient Truths Not Tolerated

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Twitter has been referred to as “the 13th circle of Hell”. Anyone who reads the comments below Tweets understands why. Protected by virtual anonymity, Twitter users post sentiments no decent human being would say to anyone face to face.

Twitter, as we have come to accept as just par for the course, is selective in their treatment of their users. When users who don’t embrace the liberal worldview post their opinions they are often censured in some way, or banned. The same standards do not apply to progressives who launch even more vile attacks on those with whom they disagree. For example, blatantly antisemitic Louis Farrakhan still has a Twitter account in spite of his overtly hateful tweets.

When it comes to social justice issues Twitter dials up the delusion. If you dissent from approved thought social justice watchdogs will report you for being a Nazi, you will be issued a warning, possibly have your account suspended, and if enough outrage is expressed by the arbiters of tolerance you may lose your account entirely.

Enter Mikey Harlow, outspoken gay writer and model, who has been banned from Twitter permanently for dubious reasons. It all started when he posted a few tweets about inconvenient truths that Twitter must not want you to see.


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