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SHOW NOTES: Friday, October 18, 2019

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No More Pretense: Journalists, Dems Use Identical Talking Points on Impeachment

Trump Blasts Democrats: They Always Opposed Endless Wars Until I Withdrew from Syria

Gender Studies Professor Suggests Black Women Being Fat Is Trump’s Fault
*FYI: This is the same genius who argued that time is racist.
*What we’re “weathering” here is an onslaught of Social Justice lunacy with no foundation in reality.
*Conditions you didn’t create? Do you mean to say you DIDN’T overeat and sit on your hiney instead of exercising?
*Trump policies kill people?? You HAVE access to health care, and you DON’T need insurance to push back from the table and walk around the block.
*Exactly how does racism “literally” make diets less effective for black women?? How does that make it harder to eat less and move more?
*What we’re “weathering” here is an onslaught of Social Justice lunacy with no foundation in reality

Tucker Carlson Floats Real Reason Megyn Kelly Was Canned From NBC: Called For Independent Investigation
Video of Kelly on Carlson: https://youtu.be/BSCiT6OeL2A

Horrifying Report Says Girls Hold in Urine, Don’t Drink, Skip School To Avoid Boys in Gender-Neutral Restrooms

BONUS CONTENT (AKA: What there wasn’t time for)

Obama Endorses Trudeau – Still Hasn’t Endorsed Biden

Biden’s ‘Creepy’ Comment To Soldier’s Widow Angered Dad, Lucky He Had ‘Secret Service’

Critical Case Involves Discrimination of Christian Schools

Kamala Harris: Jailing Drug Company Executives ‘A Matter Of Justice’

Poll: Michelle Obama would be Democratic front-runner if she entered New Hampshire primary race

Former Planned Parenthood Chief: Abortion Should Be ‘Rare’

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