Facts of Life

Back in 2014 I posted this list on my personal blog. I decided to share it here as an insight into the way I see things.

Lately I’ve been thinking about things. The result of this thinking is that I decided I needed to create a list of things I hold to be true and which guide my thinking and choices. So here it is. It is a work in progress and always will be. It is not a numbered list, so don’t assign more or less value to any item except the first one.

God is alive.

God isn’t interested in conforming to your misconceptions of Him.

Religion is mankind’s effort to please a deity, and produces more questions than answers.

Religion is a choice. You are not born with it or into it, you must surrender yourself willingly to it.

There is a design for everything in life.

True fulfillment comes from learning to live the way life was designed and intended to be lived.

Jesus of Nazareth set the example for living life as it was designed and intended to be lived.

Jesus said, “Follow me…”, not “Follow my followers…”

Nobody knows all of the answers.

Science is a search for answers, not an answer in itself.

Atheism is only a respectable worldview when it respects other worldviews.

Condemning someone because they don’t embrace your religion is proof that your religion has nothing worthy of embracing.

Your life at this moment represents the sum total of all of your choices.

Moral standards are vital.

Anyone who denies the necessity of moral standards is either deceived or trying to deceive you.

Regardless of your circumstances there is always hope.

We elect representatives, not leaders.

Career politicians are not servants of the people.

The United States of America is the best idea ever conceived by mortal man.

Political parties divide people and make it easier for corrupt politicians to manipulate them.

Leftism/Progressivism/Liberalism must deny reality in order to exist.

When entertainment becomes more important than the realities of life, society is near destruction.

Manipulating others is evil.

People believe in whatever feeds their core values.

Every person has the divine gift of free will.

Our choices, not our circumstances, define who we are.

People, in general, enjoy being distracted from reality.

Crooked lobbyists exist because corrupt politicians exist.

“Man made global warming” and “climate change” are fraudulent attempts to instill fear in people for political purposes.

Socialism and Communism are both failed ideas embraced by people who deny reality and ignore the abundant evidence of failure.

If leftist concepts actually worked as promised then Chicago would be the safest and most prosperous city in America.

The only utopia is Heaven – and there was once a rebellion there.

Choosing a president based on anything but managerial ability is idiotic.

When a politician embraces a cause the validity of that cause must be questioned.

Homosexuality is and always has been a choice.

There are only two genders, the two capable of reproduction, the rest are delusion.

The perfect society is unachievable (we can only attempt to achieve it).

The larger anything grows the less effective and efficient it becomes.

A college degree is not proof of intelligence.

Wisdom is not measured by degrees or diplomas.

Absurdity is part of life and must be appreciated for what it is.

Those who do not laugh at the absurdities of life will make others miserable.


I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now. I think you can get a good idea from these statements where I come from on various issues. And – I don’t care if you agree with me or not because these things have proven themselves to me to be true.