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Hillary Clinton: Still Lyin’ After All These Years

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Am I the only one who wishes for a very precise bolt of lightning whenever Hillary Clinton opens her mouth? Is it just me?

I don’t think I’m alone.

She’s still in serious denial. She’s still lying about her defeat, but now she’s saying there was funny business going on in 2016. Yes, there was indeed funny business going on. That’s why she and the entire progressive news media was convinced she had the election locked up and Trump had zero chance of winning; they thought they had everything so completely rigged there was no way she could lose.

But America had a serious case of “No Hillary, No Way!” and turned out in enough numbers to overwhelm the DNC’s shenanigans.

Now she’s making some bold statements to the press, and there are those who think she’s positioning herself to step in and run against Trump.

This should be interesting.


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